Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nukkehammer - Soviet Rust Belt 7" EP out now

Our new release, Nukkehammer - Soviet Rust Belt, is out now. Originally we were hoping to have the State Violence record out before this, but because of some set backs Nukkehammer took the lead. This record is a split release between Hesitation Wound, Solar Funeral, and SPHC. We are handling most of the US wholesale orders, but because of the limited amount of records we have, we aren't taking many. So act fast if you are interested.

Here is a description of the record:
The first vinyl appearance from this Ohio 3 piece. 7 crashing tracks of mid-paced Rust Belt d-beat punk, mixing a clusterfuck of influences and styles ranging from Kaaos to Gauze to Animosity-era C.O.C. This E.P. contains 5 songs from the demos given proper recording treatment and 2 previously unheard. Analog recording at CDR in Columbus and mastered by Audio Siege for maximum ear piercing ferocity. First pressing of 500. On black and clear (limited).

If you are interested in ordering wholesale, please email us. Other orders can be made from our new webstore: HERE. We finally got our distro in order and put all the records online. If you have any questions about orders feel free to email us.

The State Violence 7" is happening and should be soon. There have been set backs with mixing and mastering but hopefully this will be sent to the pressing plant in a week or two. These tracks fucking slay and Brian and I are really excited to get the record ready. When details on that record are more firm, we will post an update. If you can't wait for this record, we have a few copies of the State Violence split with LTW in our distro. These are redone tracks of the demo that I think 5 people own. The record and covers look awesome and are super well made.