Tuesday, November 23, 2010

International Orders

Recently we have been getting international orders through the Paypal button. The Paypal button is set up for domestic postage paid orders. We would love to use it for international orders, but have yet to set it up. If you are outside of the United States and want a record Paypal one of the following amounts to our email address: hesitationwoundrecords@gmail.com.

International ppd rates:
Canada: $9 usd ppd
Europe: $11 usd ppd

Ignore the above. I set up a paypal button with international shipping options.

If you don't live in either of those areas and want a total, please email us.

Sorry for all the confusion!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Natural Law - Slump is out now. Order It!

The Natural Law 7" is all ready to go. They sound and look great and we are very excited to be apart of this record. If you haven't heard the record you can listen to it here: Slump. It rages and you will regret missing out on this record.